Wedding Dance Surprising Idea

Hi, today I just want to share with you all some cool wedding dance video. I guarantee all your wedding party guest including your family member even yourself will never forget this moment. So take a look for this video...

Well, How do you think about their wedding dance?
First time when saw this I said WOW cool. It's really really surprising idea for a wedding party, But why not it's your day. It's your special day make your fantastic wedding day, give to all your wedding guest shock therapy maybe they already attend more than two or three wedding party before they come to yours so with this surprising wedding dance idea will make your wedding party an unforgettable moment for them. Have a nice day, see you...


Planning your Fantastic Honeymoon

Planning Fantastic HoneymoonPlan a Honeymoon without Breaking your Piggy Bank and make it Unforgettable

With wedding costs skyrocketing, so many couples have to skip the honeymoon in favor of inviting 20-50 more guests or getting the designer dress of their dreams. While priorities vary for each couple, once your fantastic wedding day is over and done with, many newlyweds wished they had spent less time, effort and cash on the D-day details and more on each other.

A honeymoon is usually a couple of days or a week long and the memories you get to make while bonding your heart with each other as man and wife far outweigh the lace on the placemats or the name of the band playing at the reception. Here are some tips on planning your honeymoon, making sure you get o go on a fantastic and unforgettable honeymoon

  • Plan Ahead

Make a firm wedding budget and allot your desired amount for the honeymoon. Don't let cake, flowers or bridesmaids gifts eat up any part of that budget. Don't postpone the honeymoon saying that you'll take it later; tomorrow never comes for honeymoons. Now is the time; later work, kids, family and everything piles up and the charm of a honeymoon at the right time fizzles out.

  • Go Local

If airfare is eating up your entire budget, forget about Hawaii or Europe and save the flying time and airport hassles by going away some place local. Not only will you save big money, you won't get lost as much, you'll have a honeymoon memory you can visit again if you like and you can even come home early if the place doesn't turn out to be as you expected.

  • Stay Savvy

The least expensive way of going on a honeymoon is to stay at someone's house while they are away. Look into home exchanges where someone can stay at your place while you see a different locale. Similar to the Cameron Diaz- Kate Winslet movie, you might snag a great deal on seeing a new city without spending a dime on hotels.

If you can't find a time share or other free accommodation, you can still have a great honeymoon by skipping the five star hotels and staying at a bed and breakfast instead. The rates are much lower, the policies less stringent and the innkeepers more friendly.

  • Souvenirs

There is no need for you to get souvenirs from your honeymoon for all your friends and family. Chances are you threw a great wedding and everyone got a favor; pick up a trinket or two for your new place together but leave it at that.


How To Choose Your Fantastic Wedding Invitation

Fantastic Wedding Invitation The wedding invitation, It looks like a simple thing. But, you need to know that you can make first impression of your wedding day from it. Yes, a beautiful wedding invitation can impulse & motivate guests for come to your wedding party.

Now a day, there are so many style and color of wedding invitation that always change and have improvement also. But, you don’t have to confuse in deciding what best for you.

Here, I will give you some tips:

  • First, when you make your wedding planning you have to make it synchronize with the theme of your wedding party. In example: Metallic colors would appropriate with minimalist modern party that organize in a room or you can say indoor, it doesn’t appropriate with garden party. In making invitation for outdoor party, pastel colors more appropriate.

  • Choose the wedding invitation font. Please choose the font that clearly visible, because it can make people easier to read.

  • Select a sweet word to put into the wedding invitation. It indicates that you really concern about this stuff, not just only make a copy from other invitation. You can make it a unique one by displayed a copy from your favorite poem of course about “love”.

  • You should consider too about another details in your wedding invitation, such as an announcement and maps.

May all the tips above, useful for you in choosing your wedding invitation when you make your wedding planning.